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Hi everyone! Alright, I know you all love Ryan Kelley and think he’s pretty damn fantastic so I’ve come up with an idea of how to show him just how much we all appreciate and love him! The idea is a fan book full of messages, fan art and pictures from all of you guys that will be sent to Ryan! I really hope you all jump on board with this because I think he’ll love it! If you want full details, just check out the points below and then get started! The book needs to be sent around the middle of November because I’d like him to get it before Christmas so the closing date for any entries to be emailed to myself or my friend, Tinks will be October 20th 2014. The book will be A4 size so please keep that in mind when it comes to graphics and the wording you’d like to use you’re your message.

  • Make your entry as colourful and creative as possible.
  • Please no pornographic fan art pictures. Keep it tasteful!
  • Entries can be sent to me, lottie at lottieami27@gmail.com or to tinks at itsatinksthing@gmail.com – make sure the subject is ‘RYAN       KELLEY FAN BOOK’ so we know 
  • You can send as much as you want – a little or a lot it will be added to the book.
  • Graphics must not be too big.
  • Spread the word for us! We want the book filled to the brim with awesome things.
  • I will also accept graphic submissions on my personal blog          halepackhaleyes as well as here, but all letters must come through the email. If you decide to send a graphic submission to my tumblr, please make sure you tell me you’ve done that if you send a letter too so they all go together. 

Reblog this as many times as you want, just get the word out there because we really, really want to make this something special for Ryan and we feel this would be an awesome Christmas present for him.

I’ve updated this from the previous entry. Please take note of the DATE change.

alright everyone, three days left. if you still want in, please make sure your things are emailed by Monday night PST. so midnight PST is when it’ll end. that’s 8am GMT.

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Ryan Kelley to Star in WW2 Film “War Pigs”

Hey guys, I’ve got some exciting news to pass along to you!
Ryan will be spending part of his Teen Wolf hiatus starring in a World War II action film titled “War Pigs”. The film also stars Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren, Luke Goss, Noah Segan and Jake Busey.

Ryan plays “Will York” the youngest and newest member of a group of American soldiers nicknamed the “War Pigs”. This rag tag group finds themselves assigned to the dangerous mission of crossing into enemy territory to gather intel on Hitler’s newest super weapon. 

The film is directed by Ryan Little, director of the award winning WWII drama “Saints and Soldiers”. This will be a reunion for the two Ryan’s having worked together previously in 2005 on “Outlaw Trail: The Treasure of Butch Cassidy”. “War Pigs” begins production later this month and Ryan will be back to begin filming the 20 episode season 5 of “Teen Wolf” the first part of next year.
You can view the project page on IMDB. And you can be sure to find any new information here when it becomes available.

The Parrish Files aka all of Jordan’s appearances to date [5/16]

Maybe I needed a change. I don’t really know. I guess… I kind of felt drawn here.

Don’t take rejection personally and be prepared to make suggestions about your character.

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Anonymous SAID:
You may know if he's single or seeing anyone? & do you may also have adress where i can send mail?????

As for your first question, no idea. The answer to the second was provided not long ago by our Not-So-Anonymous Anonymous!